This site is open to anyone who is determined to get some serious reading and writing done. Join a vibrant community who share the highs and lows of academic writing.

Twice a year, we commit to an audacious writing goal and support each other in developing productive writing habits over the period of a month.

AcWriMo is Academic Writing Month

At Rhodes University, AcWriMo happens twice a year in May and November. Join us and get stuff done!

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AcWriMo@RU is open to anyone who wants to get serious writing done!

What is ACWRIMO?

ACWRIMO is a spin-off from NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month, which takes place around the world every November. AcWriMo, Academic Writing Month, was started in 2011 by Charlotte Frost, founder and director of PhD2Published.

Charlotte explains that the idea is to set yourself a writerly goal and get stuck in. She indicates that AcWriMo helps us:

  1. Think about how we write.
  2. Form a valuable support network for our writing practice.
  3. Build better strategies and habits for the future.
  4. And maybe, just maybe, get stuff done!

Find out more about PhD2Published here.

ACWRIMO@RU is a local South African version run through Rhodes University.

It is not limited to staff and students of Rhodes University. Everyone is welcome!

How does it work?

Twice a year, participants declare the bold goals they would like to achieve in the AcWriMo@RU month. In doing so, you are joining a community of scholarly peers who will celebrate your victories and commiserate with you when you face a setback.

Check in weekly during the month of AcWriMo@RU to report on your progress and to see how everyone else in the community is doing.

And that’s not all! Achievement badges are handed out to everyone who meets their goals.

Don’t have a community nearby? Join us online

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Who are we?

This community site is open to anyone busy writing some form of academic text. It is managed by the Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning at Rhodes University in South Africa.

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